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I would not be where I am in this business without the help of Brindley Tucker. She has been an outstanding coach and helped me reach my goal of becoming a successful Transaction Manager. She has helped me to determine my own monthly goals through tracking and time blocking from the start. She knew what volume I could handle using the right systems, even when I was unsure of my own capabilities. With her guidance I have already surpassed what I thought would be my maximum amount of transactions per month.

Brindley shows us the benefit of understanding all sides of the transaction and how to best approach and solve problems as they arise.  Brindley has motivated me to not only expand my goals, but meet, and even surpass them. Brindley truly enjoys helping others to succeed, and I am one of those lucky few to have her and her coaching in my life.
- Ariella Shaw, Easy "A" Transactions

"Brindley Tucker has been a huge factor and inspiration in helping me to start and grow my transaction management business.   I am still fairly new at being a transaction manager and I have found that I can rely on Brindley's knowledge, experience and positive attitude with anything that comes my way.   Brindley has played an intricate part in my growth.

One of the ways Brindley strives to help me and my business grow is that she inquires about my daily procedures and helps me locate any areas that could use improvement or areas that I can reorganize or  make stronger.  The best part, she gives great suggestions!

I feel so blessed to have met Brindley and to have her help and coach me.  I'm so excited to see my business keep growing and getting better. If you need someone knowledgeable, motivating, positive and experienced to help you grow your business and give you the tools you need, I highly recommend Brindley Tucker."
- Stephanie Cambria​, Cambria Coordinating

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We are the experts in Leverage.  We assist in recruiting, training, coaching and consulting assistants, transaction managers, office managers, and individuals offering support on various levels.  We help set and accomplish goals, provide accountability, and improve productivity.


Are you succeeding and want to take your business to the next level?  Are you struggling in your business  and need help getting on track?   We help TMs improve and enhance their businesses through coaching, accountability, and system implementation.


Do you need to hire leverage but the idea of recruiting, training, and managing is enough to stop you in your tracks?  Let us handle this for you!  Leverage your leverage.  We will recruit, train and coach your leverage for you!

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